Our Locations

  • Sharjah (Head Office)
  • Accra, Ghana (Regional HQ, Africa)
  • Manufacturing locations – India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Thailand & Vietnam.
The head office at Sharjah is responsible for all major functions such as corporate strategy, product development, customer service, finance, documentation & logistics.

Accra is a regional office for the company in Africa. The strategic location helps to maintain continuous physical presence of the team in the local markets, keeping a tab on evolving consumer behavior and market dynamics, managing local promotional activities and interacting closely with our B2B partners.

All the products under the 'SUPER' brand are manufactured across the world in the most reputed factories and facilities, thus ensuring the 'super' brand promise of quality, reliability and affordability.
As such, all products are produced and exported from different origins. Tea- India, Sri Lanka,
Biscuits – India, Rice – Thailand, Vietnam, Condensed Milk – Malaysia.
Our Vision